GRP Performance Overview

How does GRP perform against conventional construction products?

                                      Steel        Aluminium      Wood        GRP 

Effects of Corrosion    High        Moderate          High          Corrosion Resistant

Maintenance                High         High                  High           Low Maintenance

Slip Resistance           Low            Low                Moderate    Slip Resistance

Weight                          High           Low                Moderate    Lightweight

Installation Cost          High           High               Low             Low Cost

Service Life                 Moderate   Long              Short           Long Service Life

Effects From Impact   High           High               High            Impact Resistant

Ergonomic                   Low            Low                Moderate    Ergonomic  

Conductivity                High           High               Low             Non-Conductive

Fire Retardance          High          High               Low             Fire Retardant

UV Resistance             Low           Low                High            UV Resistant  

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